Part 1

[TRANS]Youngpil-ie hyung this time the football match can’t you just really take a rest..?

(T/N: In response to the rest talking abt how youngfeel should let code07lim be the goalkeeper this time)

[TRANS]For this time let’s just leave it all to Byunghanie hyung….

[TRANS]Junjinah.. you must tell to Youngpil hyung that it’s okay to really take a rest.. His waist is not good..
if gets hurt it will be big problem so… must convey to him to rest^^
(T/N: In response to duduubub saying he also want to go to the open match)

[TRANS]When was that..?Sorry…Can’t seem to recall… really
(T/N: In response to youngfeel asking JS did he forgot how youngfeel saved penalty kick for Samsung match)

[TRANS]Yea!Heard not good.. his waist… have to rest right T_T oh well what to do
(T/N: In response to plmok30 commenting too bad that…

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