[TRANS]I’m walking and walking.. and still walking


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Agreement reached with SM

Agreement….. It’s difficult to truly grasp the correct meaning of this word at this point of time.

Looks like we may have to wait and see for a while more.

At this moment I want to stop writing carelessly about this.

But I would want to perceive this as something positive.

Instead of reaching an “agreement”, I think we should take this as “being liberated”……

how about that?

To the guys, it doesn’t matter if the word “agreement” or whatever is being used….. the fact is

that they have been liberated from the troublesome matters now

Whatever happens with SM, the guys are only looking at what’s in front of them now

Because in the heart of this “future” that the guys see in front of them, SM etc no longer exist

Fact…. Whatever SM tried to do, they could not stop the guys from gaining…

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[TRANS]To the Japanese fans who came by today.. thank you to all of you^^ As I have performed and also played football.. today I think I will be able to have a deep slumber~Everyone goodnight^^



[TRANS]FYI I saw it in a book before.. In any sports isn’t it the mvp is nearly always the Striker. Although the Strikers are the ones who gain the popularity.. the Defenders are the ones who gain the victory.. This saying, in today’s match, is especially becoming significant of its meaning..
(T/N: In response to code07lim saying the Defenders were truly touched by JS speech)

[TRANS]Hyung I always tell others about this.. The reason why our team not losing.. the unbeaten streak in official matches.. of fc men, no matter what others say of it.. in comparison to the strikers our defense line is really a good team-yea~ so it seems…

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