My Time Still Go On

Hi Hi Hi … Everybody who miss me? put your hands up .. yo yo yo *sing 2pm song*

I am back *tsah*

Nah, I will tell you what I am doing lately..

I was graduated in 28 Mei 2014 .. yeyeyeye.. gimme applause .. I am soooo happy .. Alhamdulillah 🙂

and now I should register to other university .. so I can continue my study 🙂

wish me luck ‘key 🙂

and lately my english become so weird.. I now why.. because I never use it again.. and I am forgetting about every language

even my mother language, sometimes I forget it too *sigh*

oh.. about junsu .. how is he? HE IS FINE, even without me hahahaha

he was arrange he concert in Japan and sang Tohoshinki’s song kya kya kyaaaa

and I’m falling in love with him again and again hahahaha *so why?*

nah, that’s my story.. my time still go on.. and I am happy about it 🙂

bye *I am sorry it’s weird, but I can’t write what I want to write* #chu


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