[AUDIO] ♪ Collection of Yoochun Solos ♪


Remembering the Singer Park Yoochun^^

Note: It’s not included Yoochun’s solo performances at JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome 2013, still waiting for HQ version.

Audio Collection By: 6002 Town
Shared by: JYJ3

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Cara untuk Mencetak Booklet dan PPT

A. Cara Print Booklet

Step 1

klik file -> save as

step 1


step 2 ubah ppt menjadi PDF

step 2


step 3 klik option

step 3


step 4 pada publish What, pilih Handout

step 4


step 5 untuk Frame Slide di centang, kemudian pada slides per page pilih 2

step 5


step 6 setelah sudah menjadi PDF, klik file-> print

step 6


step 7 pada page scaling pilih Booklet Printing

step 7


step 8 pada Booklet subset, pilih cara ngeprintnya, mau both side, front only, atau back only

step 8


step 9 klik ok, print deh 🙂


B. Cara Mencetak PPT

step 1 klik file -> print

step 1-1


step 2 pilih printer properties

step 1-2


step 3 pilih page setup pada tab nya

step 1-3


page 4 pilih page layout

step 1-4


step 5 klik specify, kemudian pada pages pilih jumlah slide per page

step 1-5


step 6 klik ok, print deh :))



ps: ini untuk MS Word 2010, untuk 2007 atau 2003 tidak jauh berbeda, hanya letak saja yang berbeda 🙂


JYJ sent video messages to members and fans! This is the short preview for JYJ magazine DVD!
You can see the full version video when JYJ magazine comes out! And it’s very soon!
Visit C-JeS Store to order ‘The JYJ’ Magazine.

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Yoochun’s drawing of Junsu:
나는야 축구선수! 아시아! NO.1
“I am a football player! Asia! NO.1”

Jaejoong’s drawing of Yoochun:
아가 준수 (in the thought bubble)
“Baby Junsu”
*귀엽다 근데…. 난 준수의 남자근성을 봤다..
“*He’s cute but…. I’ve seen Junsu’s manliness/masculinity..”

Junsu’s drawing of Jaejoong:
“The coolest dude”

Junsu then wrote 바보 똥개 (meaning “silly dog”) next to Yoochun’s face, which later on Jaejoong tried to wipe off.
Note: this rather crude expression is used a lot amongst close friends, without meaning any harm.

JYJ 아름다운 1000일 = “JYJ beautiful 1000 days”

Video Source: CJESJYJ
Gifs & Translation Credit: pvtse of JYJ3
Shared by:JYJ3

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